Craving Guilt-Free Creative Time?

Grab your FREE copy of my “Permission to Be Creative 101” e-book. You’ll also receive bite-size bonbons of creative inspiration and permission to play with my Mid-Week Oasis Moments.



I can help you embrace your very own Creative Oasis where you’ll:

Spend guilt-free time enjoying creative experiences that make your heart sing and time fly.
Believe your creative fulfillment is a necessity rather than a luxury to lead a truly enriched, healthy and happy life.
Give yourself permission to embrace the joy of creative play without worrying about being good enough.
Say yes today to the fun creative projects you always promise yourself you’ll get around to someday. (Someday…you know…that magical day when you have copious amounts of free time…you’re caught up with absolutely everything…all the laundry’s done, bills are paid, planets aligned and Mercury is in the third house of Venus…that someday.)
Understand that your delight in the creative process is about a million times more important than whatever you end up creating.
Discover the pure joy of creative expression and satisfaction in every part of your life.

I know from personal experience that you can absolutely create the time and space (even in your crazy-busy life!) for the creative experiences you daydream of while scurrying around crossing things off your never-ending, all-consuming to do list.

You really can write that book, pick up your paintbrush, plant a garden, dabble in gourmet cooking, practice yoga, play music, tap dance, make art, learn photography. Whatever it is you long to do, I can help you make the time and space for it.

I get it. This “making-time-for-myself-thing” isn’t second nature to most of us, especially women, who’ve been taught from an early age to be practical, to take care of everyone else first, to put our dreams and desires last on the list – even when it’s our list! That’s crazy. (Not to mention unfair, unhealthy and unnecessary.)

Years ago I realized there had to be a better way, and thankfully, I found it. Working (and playing) with a creativity coach, I learned wonderful and surprisingly easy ways to get to my creative mojo back.

Today I write, create inspiring visuals, play music or enjoy some sort of creative expression almost every single day. That means the majority of my days are pretty darn awesome and yours can be too.

Since becoming a creativity coach myself, I’m absolutely passionate about helping women experience consistent creative bliss with Creative Oasis Coaching. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s fulfilling. It’s life changing. I’m living proof that it works and so are my many happy clients.

I believe each one of us deserves to create a life worth living. A life filled with energizing creative experiences that leave us satisfied and smiling at the end of each day and waking up excited about the next. A life filled with fabulous experiences that make our hearts sing and time fly – our own Creative Oasis!

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