Creating The Summer of Your Dreams Is Easier and More Fun Than Ever! (Not to mention surprisingly productive!)
As spring officially draws to an end, I find myself fantasizing about all sorts of fun experiences, industrious projects and meaningful moments I long to create this summer.
I know myself well enough to know that unless I put some serious intention behind my wishes and have an accountability plan in place I’ll be seeing “Back to School” ads and lamenting “Where the hell did summer go?” in the blink of an eye.
Can you relate?
In a fabulous heemeesheemee I stumbled upon Create The Summer Of Your Dreams ~ the DIY program I designed and released 5 years ago.
As I brainstormed ways to upgrade CTSOYD for you to transform it into the most helpful, super effective and fabulously fun experience possible I had a wonderful “aha” moment!

I’m thrilled to announce I've added coaching, accountability and camaraderie to transform Create the Summer of Your Dreams into an 8-week virtual summer camp!

CREATE THE SUMMER OF YOUR DREAMS CAMP runs June 10th through July 31st and has everything you'll need to make this summer off-the-charts fun, meaningful and productive!
• Eight 90-minute group-coaching sessions ($600 value)
~ Choose a daytime or evening group to fit your schedule and meet up with the easy-to-use Zoom video call from wherever you may be
~ Enjoy personalized and transformational experiences within an intimate group setting (Each group will be limited to 5 people)
~ Accomplish more each week with a built-in 20-minute Creative Oasis Date during every call (You’ll use this time to dive into a delightfully doable step and feel the satisfaction of taking action and making progress during every single session)
~ Receive a detailed e-mail follow-up that I’ll create especially for you after each group call (my clients rave about their follow-ups because they find them such helpful, inspiring and motivating reminders)
• Two 60-minute private 1-1 coaching sessions ($250 value)
***Since you may be traveling a bit during the summer and unable to make every single group call, I've added in two 1-1 sessions that you can schedule at a time that works best for you!
~ Dive deeper and receive my full attention on your individual needs and desires while working with me 1-1 outside of the group setting
~ Enjoy an additional Creative Oasis Date within these sessions to power-up your ability to get more done this summer
~ Receive a detailed e-mail follow-up of each of your 1-1 sessions
• Two half-day group Magic Action Dates ($300 value)
~ Feel the satisfaction of immersing yourself in a big project with 4-hours of focused work and play
~ Set yourself up for success with the proactive pre-date prompt work
~ Enjoy massive action during focused action phases paired with creative break times to keep you feeling fresh and inspired
~ These half-day accountability sessions are a fabulous way to get sh*t done and my newest and most popular Creative Oasis offering and I’m so excited to support you with one during this camp!
• 35-page Create The Summer Of Your Dreams Kit complete with printable handouts ($25 value)
~ Set your intentions for the summer of your dreams using these fun creative prompts, activities and experiences
~ Create a roadmap of the summer you desire
~ Feel great knowing that you’ll have the support of personalized coaching, group camaraderie and planned accountability time to make your dreams come true!
That's $1,175 worth of personalized coaching, get-sh*t-done accountability and super fun camaraderie for only $697!

Kathleen Lohr ~ Ayurvedic Specialist

“I discovered wonderful ways to energize my writing practice and my creative life in general. Jill’s coaching was so helpful during our calls where she actively provided answers and suggestions throughout the course. I loved the way a group of interesting women from different walks of life representing a variety of passions came together with a common goal ~ to fulfill our natural creative instinct. This made for an experience rich in inspiration, motivation and the accountability to really get stuff done!”

This special summer group coaching program is for you if you want to:

• Take back summer for yourself with more fun and fulfilling “ creative me” time.

• Create meaningful experiences with your friends and family. 

• Tackle those projects that always seems to slip to the bottom of your to-do list. (Cleaning out your closet? Finishing up that photo book of the vacation you took three years ago?)

Whether you’re dreaming of more relaxing reading time, family cookouts featuring watermelon seed spitting contests, chasing fireflies, or having your closet totally cleaned out and organized before fall fashions arrive ~ this unique coaching group will help you turn the summer of your dreams into a reality! 


Weekly Group Coaching/Accountability Sessions  

Every Monday ~ June 17th through August 5th (*SPECIAL NOTE ~ each group will be limited to only 5 campers to provide you with more personalized, effective and productive experiences)

Daytime group ~ 1:30 to 3 pm (cst) (ONLY 3 spots left)

Evening group ~ 7:30 to 9 pm (cst) (ONLY 3 spots left)

• Two Half-Day Magic Action Dates ~

Sunday, June 23rd from 1 to 5 pm

Saturday July 13th from 1 to 5 pm

Two One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Schedule these calls at your convenience anytime between registration and August 5th

"When I learned about Jill's Create The Summer Of Your Dreams Camp I signed up immediately! After my previous experiences in one of Jill's other group coaching programs, I knew this would be a must do! Jill's coaching combined with the support of a group of kindred spirits was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It gave me confidence in my writing and empowered me to speak my voice. At first I was hesitant to work with a creative life coach as I didn't know what to expect but I am so glad I did and am really looking forward to CTSOYD! I've worked with a lot of professional people in the helping profession and Jill is one of the best."

Deanna Hollas ~ Seminary Student

I’m Jill Allison Bryan…Creative Life Coach...founder of Creative Oasis Coaching…Master Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach…Singer/Songwriter…Recovering Procrastinator and Perfectionist...Veggie Lover...Yoga Fan...Sporadic World Traveler…Rabid Recycler…and absolutely passionate about helping you be who you're truly meant to be and live the life of your dreams.