With certified creativity coach ~ Jill Allison Bryan
  • Jane Baldwin ~ writer, yoga/breathwork instructor
    A Creative Oasis Retreat is like a spa day for your mind. Jill creates a colorful space of curiosity and wonder in which to relax and explore. The food was delicious, the friendship inspiring. The day flew by in a flash. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave!
    Jane Baldwin ~ writer, yoga/breathwork instructor
  • Beth Fields ~ Beth Fields Fine Art
    Jill’s retreat was a joyful experience from start to finish. She’s transformed her home into a welcoming nest for creativity to flourish. I appreciated her attention to detail, how the food was so lovingly prepared and presented and really enjoyed starting the day with gentle movement. The chance to play with her wide variety of art supplies opened the doors for my creativity. The music! The conversation! The kettle waiting for me to pour a cup of tea right when I walked in! I was sad to see the day end and look forward to coming back again. This retreat felt like a gift to myself! So grateful for the experience!”
    Beth Fields ~ Beth Fields Fine Art
  • Jennifer Wilson ~ founder SimpleScrapper.com
    I feel deeply refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose, after spending time in retreat at Jill’s delightful home. The space is enchanting, but it is her gifts of genuine hospitality, connection, and creative nurturing that made my experience such a delight. Once you step across Jill’s threshold you’re no longer a stranger, but a member of the Creative Oasis family.
    Jennifer Wilson ~ founder SimpleScrapper.com
  • Trish Parrish ~ teacher, stylist/studio manager
    If you’re ever feeling stuck or need a “jump start” for your life, I enthusiastically recommend one of Jill’s Creative Oasis events! So many times over the years I’ve found myself frustrated and/or dulled by the craziness of daily life, politics, relationships, work or just everyday doldrums. Going to one of Jill’s workshops or retreats ALWAYS brings me to a place of grateful aliveness, inspiration and renewal! She really has developed ways of reconnecting me with my creative self, with other fun people and with the FUN, creative parts of life! P.S. ~ This is not just for “artsy” people! All of us are creating our lives! Try it! I know you’ll have a great experience!
    Trish Parrish ~ teacher, stylist/studio manager